Growth is our mantra

To us, learning and development isn’t a box you tick. It’s a welcome part of the job.

We take an always-on approach, encouraging you to learn on the job through stretch assignments, new challenges and social knowledge sharing so you can drive your development. Not just once a year. But every single day.

Don’t think that means you have to go it alone though. Your manager will be right there to lend support and guide you on your development journey. And you’ll have access to all the tools and training you need to grow. Behind it all will be GreenHouse, our dedicated team looking after learning and development who are thought leaders in the industry and beyond.

Building your career

We believe that it isn’t our responsibility to manage talent, we’re here to develop talent. This is our approach to growth.

The right opportunities

You should be self-driven, ready to take control of your own development and reach your full potential.

The right incentives

And the right tasks

Leading the band

Managers at Spotify make an active choice to lead, growing the business as well as other band members. Here’s how.

They lead with purpose

They lead with courage

A good manager encourages debate and discussion, acknowledging that innovation can come from any direction. That listening is everything.

They build healthy teams

They don’t do it alone

Listen and learn

Listen to our podcast and and hear all about life and learning from band members around the world.