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Global Affairs

We’re here to make sure that Spotify remains a safe platform, that we’re aligned with global laws and regulations, and that we’re strengthened by good relationships with our stakeholders across the world.

Business Affairs

We ensure Spotify can remain innovative and profitable, securing the rights to the content that powers our platform and building trust with our partners by negotiating effectively and sharing valuable insights.

Legal Affairs

We provide sound legal guidance to our people whenever and wherever it is needed. And as Spotify grows, we grow too, using a creative and pragmatic approach to overcome new, exciting, and ever-evolving legal issues, every day.

Government Affairs

We advocate for policies that drive growth, engaging with governments, and building credibility and influence with policymakers across the globe.

Global Affairs Operations

We help to execute Spotify’s strategic vision, introducing the infrastructure and systems needed to scale fast, and providing thought leadership to solve issues and establish processes, procedures, and best practices.

Trust & Safety

We design, implement, and communicate the content policies that govern interactions on our platform, in ways that are clear to our users and true to our values. Ultimately, we ensure our platform remains a safe place for listeners and creators, driving behaviors that help us meet our ambitions.

PR & Communications

We’re Spotify’s storytellers. It’s our job to bring who we are and what we stand for to life on the world stage, and help build our brand with consistent, compelling, authentic, and data-driven communications.

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Global Affairs

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One band, no solo artists

It’s our culture. It’s our values. It’s who we are and what we’re not. It’s why we do things the way we do and why that matters. It’s all here in our band manifesto.