Standing up and speaking out

We’re working side by side with our Black community to help eradicate racial inequality and injustice.

As a company, we’re collaborating across continents to drive systemic change for racial equality. We’ve accelerated our roadmap in response to the more recent trauma, injustices and pain experienced by the Black community, implementing a 5* strategy to advance our racial equity and anti-racism efforts, both internally and on our platform.

We don’t simply want to reflect the world around us, we want to do better than what the world is currently showing us. With the power of our platform and brand, the commitment to our values and a unified mission, we hope to build trust and help to create and uphold a promising future for all Black people.

Our strategy

We created our approach together with BLK, our employee resource group for Black band members.

Increasing Black representation

Donations and fundraising

From grassroots to government

One image out of three
One image out of three
One image out of three

Through creators and content

Accelerating a diverse culture

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by accelerating a diverse culture where everyone belongs. We’re driving accountability and behavioral change to get us there.

Being better allies

It’s about equity for all

The whole story

We act in a socially responsible way, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because our creators, listeners, and people expect it. Read more about where we are and where we’re going in our annual Sustainability, Equity & impact report.